Remarkable Journey
Responding to Life's Transitions


It's a bit like pointing out that the sky is blue or the grass is green. Change is simply a part of living.

"People don't know what I've done. They don't know where I've been. They don't know what I've seen."
"I knew it was going to be okay. God's always on my side, and faith just makes everything easier."

Going off to college, having a child or getting married might be choices, but underlying each of them is the idea that something is transitioning.


You're moving on to the next chapter--leaving some other way of living behind. Coping with change also means adapting behaviors, mixing-up routines and accepting new situations.

"He was so ready to go. And I was just like that at that age. I remember that feeling of: 'Let me go.' And so, I did."
"He was just like, 'Will you spend the rest of your life with me?' And I said, 'I guarantee 10 years.'"

Whether it moves us forward or backwards, change happens. It's how we react that makes the journey remarkable.

By Andrew Hedlund, Rebecca LaFlure, Meghan Leach and Margaret Sutherlin