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Prom in the USA

Crossing the threshold into adulthood, even if it’s only for one night, prom represents the single rite of passage nearly all American teenagers share. Prom is a night filled with promise of new maturity, possible romance, and ultimately perfection. Teens shell out hundreds of dollars on tuxes, dresses, tickets, hair and limos to ensure prom night is nothing short of a fairy tale. Unfortunately, prom catastrophes are not uncommon, and often times this fairy tale night ends long before the clock strikes twelve.

Detroit, MI
Lincoln, NE
Idaho Falls, ID
Norfolk, VA

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To Get You Into The Mood...

Prom Night

Prom includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, this magical night is one that becomes romantacized in the memories of adults over time and in teens' imaginations. But are all proms what they seem?

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Bake-out, Make-out Fake-out

Detroit, MI

A hot blind date replaces a newly-dumped ex-boyfriend for prom. With her parents watching as chaperones, Lauryn attemps to seal the deal with her potential prom hook-up. After leaving the dance early and escaping the watchful eyes of adults, there is only one obstacle parting the lips of the two prom-goers: an intense craving for TacoBell.

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Don't You Forget About This Prom

Northfolk, VA

Girls in pearls filled the dance floor at this preppy high school prom. The after-prom party, however, was the true highlight of the event. Sleeping under the stars and in their prom dresses, this night was one that was remembered.

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A Totally Dude Prom

Lincoln, NE

Mike is the man at prom. Worrying about dresses, hair appointments, photos, and color coordination are girl issues. Mike asked a cute girl, went to the dance, went to the after-party, and called it prom night.

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What the Truck!?

Idaho Falls, ID

Being fashionably late is nothing compared to Ryan's dramatic prom entrance. Driving in on a limo bus, the bus was too big for the overpass and crashed. The bus ended up being prone for disaster the rest of the evening.

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